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We’re a privately local insurance agency with a global appeal in Westerville, Ohio and for more than a decade we’ve made sure that the people of Central Ohio have the protection they need. We don’t sell insurance; we help you make an educated decision to tailor your insurance portfolio that is right for you. We’re responsive, experienced, and treat you like part of our family.  We consider it our top priority  to make sure that you have the best insurance experience possible, and we’ll do whatever it takes to ensure this happens.


From home and auto to farm and business, we have the insurance solutions that you need.  If you and your family need to protect cars, a home, and heirlooms, we can help you.  If you’re a business owner in almost any industry and you want to secure your operation and the people who work for you, we can help you quickly and efficiently.

 We insure Dentists, CPAs, and contractors, and there’s virtually no limit to whom we can insure.  To learn more about our offerings, see our snapshot of services and/or get in touch with an agent

Our History and Culture and our Approach 

We’re committed to being a part of the communities that we serve, so we do whatever we can to involve ourselves in these communities.  We support and work with dozens of organizations and we participate in many events. All of our staff, including Alan, works and lives in central Ohio, and are well known in the communities we try to actively be a part of. This allows us to better advise our clients and ultimately provide the best insurance options.All of our staff, including Alan, works and lives in Central Ohio, and are well known in the local communities.  This allows us to better advise our clients and ultimately provide the best insurance options.

Our principal, Alan Hoffmann is on the Motorists Mutual Insurance Company’s President Advisory Council and is the current president of Newark Sports and Events Commission. Alan Hoffmann is affiliated with the TriVillage Chamber Partnership as well as the Granville Area Chamber of Commerce and the New Albany Chamber. He is also a past president of Gamma Lota Sigma. 

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Meet Our Team

Katrina Hunter
Katrina Hunter

Marketing Director

Alan Hoffmann
Alan Hoffmann


Jackie  Bauman
Jackie Bauman

Personal Lines Account Manager

Whitney  Watts
Whitney Watts

Commercial Lines Account Manager



Usually changing vendors can be a hassle. The switch was not a hassle at all, it was very easy! They were fast, efficient, and friendly! If you are looking for an insurance company, they are a great company, great people, excellent and competitive products. You should give them a call.

K. Caldwell

We are so honored to be voted one of the top insurance agencies by ColumbusCEO - Best of Business 2015. We thank all of our clients for their business and support.

K. Hunter

"If you don't have Jackie and Alan on your team, you are crazy. They are absolutely amazing with every aspect of what they do. I was extremely satisfied just having them as my agency, but little did I know how much they would go above and beyond to help me with my claim when my wife was in an accident. The insurance company was dragging their feet and not paying the doctors bills. I wasn't asking for extra money, I just wanted the bills paid. After 5 months of messing with them, Jackie called them and got it resolved!!! I was FLOORED. She did all of this with a smile and didn't make me feel like I was bugging her at all. Just an overall great company with great people who go above and beyond to serve their clients."

M. Fisher

We are so proud of our own, Alan Hoffmann, he was voted one of the top insurance agents in ThisWeek Community Newspapers for 2015. We couldn't agree more! Congrats Alan!

K. Hunter

"Alan Hoffmann, as great as an insurance agent as he is, even better person."

T. Butler

"Thank you for following up with me and providing the information. Your service is great! "

S. Brooks

"Excellent Service ~ Alan Hoffman has provided 15 years of service to all my personal and business needs, he reviews my policies regularly and understands how my family, business and economic indicators affect how I protect my assets. No matter who is available when I call the service and answers are consistent, their ability to understand my needs is always the same, exceptional! What I like best about Hoffmann and Associates' service is the ability to review multiple carriers for my needs and always getting someone to help when I call."

J. Wallace

"From Alan down the customer comes first. Everyone is responsive, professional, and friendly, which comes naturally to Hoffmann & Associates, but is not that common."

D. Jacobs

"Very well done with a great attitude and attention to detail. This was the easiest switch of our entire insurance package ever--- and GREAT rates!"

J. Hoyt

"I just wanted to take a few minutes and write to you regarding my insurance for my homes and cars. I had been dealing with another agent for over 25 years. I had always had good service in the past but became dissatisfied when I was trying to get some information for my daughter's insurance. They would not return her calls nor my calls. That is when I contact ed you. I began with a price quote, which truly impressed me showing a very large savings.Your company made it very simple to change my insurance over for both my cars and homes. The thing that truly impressed me was when I had to file for a claim. That is always a good test. I have both a rental property and also a personal home insured with you. Due to the hail last year we had extensive damage to my rental property and just minor damage to my own personal home. Your company truly impressed me with the fast service of the claims adjuster and also the fast payment for the claim. I am very happy with the service and also the savings that your company provides. If you should ever have a need for recommendation I would always be glad to help."

D. Fravel

"I am writing this letter to commend your company for the excellent service I have received. I have switched not only all of my corporate insurance accounts, but also my personal. Your staff has been friendly, thorough and efficient. They have answered all of my questions and even kept me on toes in responding to them for the information. However, the best part of all this is that I have saved thousands of dollars over what I was paying for insurance before. I have referred many of my friends and family to you, both for their personal and business lines of insurance. You can count on me to continue to do so. Thank you for your attention to my business."

D. Stevenson

"Your overall service is outstanding. Never had to make a claim before and had heard lots of stories from others that had me "worried". My experience was totally different, it was easy, quick, and hassle free. THANK YOU!"

K. Lykins

“My husband and I have been using Hoffmann & Associates for years. They are so pleasant to talk to when you have questions and really helpful when you need help with a claim. They are better to work with than those large companies. I will never use another company again.”

K. Sustar

“I would recommend Hoffmann & Associates. They have friendly customer service, answer anything you ask them, and shop best insurance company's price for me.”

“I was worried about cost and coverage. Turns out my previous coverage was a little lacking and cost more... Working with Alan was an awesome. He was available when my wife and I were. His staff was able to answer all my questions fast. When I call their office, I never had to talk to a machine or push buttons. I always talked to a person. They are real people that understand what you need and that you also want to be reasonable.”

“The speed with which Hoffmann & Associates found the right insurance for our needs and the knowledge we received was our favorite part of working with them. Give them a try. You just might wish you'd found them sooner.”

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